Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sock in Progress

I raced home from work yesterday to get a picture of my sock in daylight before the sun set. And I made it too, except that the light was terrible because it was raining (something that I maybe should have clued in to when I was walking home).
Regardless, I was able to get one decent of the sock in progress. It's grown a little since this picture was taken. I did the gusset increases and will be turning the heel tonight (doing a sock backwards is fun!).
I've really been enjoying this pattern. I like the division between the fake cable part of the pattern and the beaded section. It keeps it interesting. 

In other news, I got my first knitting-related injury on the weekend. I'd been standing up to allow my yarn to untwist (the beads mess up the yarn) and I went to sit back down on the couch next to Pete. I guess I must have put down my sock first before I sat down because all of a sudden my foot really hurt. I just thought I had jabbed it with the needle and didn't think much of it until a few hours later when I realized that it still hurt. At that point I actually looked at the injury (my lovely Koigu socks were no protection from Addi's) and discovered that I'd broken though the skin and was bleeding.  I put on a band-aid and hobbled around for the rest of the night but by the next morning it felt much better.
My mom once cut her hand while eating a crab in Mexico. She said it was the best crab she'd ever eaten and she was sad when her cut healed because she had enjoyed the reminder. Maybe this wound will remind me of my lovely beaded socks ... and to always be aware of the location of my knitting needles.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Still, gorgeous socks!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous socks! Sorry that you got injured in the process!
My mom once sewed through the nail on her index finger. I don't know if she remembers what she was working on or not.

Bertha said...

Oh man, this is coming out SO beautiful!! That injury sounds painful though! Yikes!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

The sock is beautiful, she makes gorgeous designs. Hope the foot is OK.

Maureen said...

When I am feeling lonesome for you and hearing about the fun things that you are doing, I love to check out your blog! I am so glad that you discovered knitting!