Saturday, June 13, 2009

Halifax Part 2

I'm glad you all enjoyed the first set of pictures from Halifax. Here are some more.

Pete and I both love the ocean so we made a point of spending as much time on it as we could. On our second day in Halifax we went on a nature tour which took us through the harbour and out into the open water.
Here's a picture of the pier as the boat pulled away.

This is Georges Island in the harbour which will hopefully one day be opened as a national park. You can see a part of the fort wall on the left. I don't know why, but I just love this little island. I hope it's open by the time we come back.
When we got out into the open water it was COLD! Here I am wearing a hood, scarf, leather gloves and sun hat :)
On our way back into Halifax we passed this picturesque little fishing village. I love the multi-coloured buildings.

Coming back into Halifax.

We didn't end up seeing any wildlife on our tour so the guides gave us a bucket of old rolls to throw at the seagulls. Those were some happy birds.

It was lots of fun to throw the bread and sometimes even see a seagull grabbing it in mid-air.

My goal while in Halifax was to eat my first lobster. After the tour, we decided to have dinner on the pier and I had my lobster.
I'm not sure if I would order it again. It's very strange to have to destroy your food before you eat it.

On our last day we got to go on a tall ship tour around the harbour. It was a lot of fun.

Photographic proof that we were in Halifax together.

I will knit anywhere :)

After the tall ship, Pete's eyes were bothering him (too much wind and sunscreen got in them) so we found a pretty park. While he rested I took pictures of flowers
And I Kinneared Pete :)

We were sad to say goodbye to Halifax. We had had a wonderful time there and will definitely be back.

Up next, pictures of Creepy Halifax and my list of recommendations.


Anonymous said...

Heh, I love the lobster picture. :) Such pretty coastline too!

Anonymous said...

More gorgeousness! Mike and I definitely have to visit there someday.
I won't eat lobster. Someone once told me that you shouldn't have to violate the Geneva Convention just to eat. I quite agree with them. Gross.

Bertha said...

Ha! You look SO skeptical about that lobster! I grew up with lobster so it always seemed normal to me (and in fact it's my favorite food!) but it is plenty messy!

I also love the seagull picture!