Friday, July 10, 2009

My First Pair of Fluevogs

I unexpectedly had the day off today, so I decided to take advantage of the sales that every store seemed to be having. After making this decision, I found out that Fluevog was having it's annual "John Fluevog Thinks You're Awesome Sale" with selected shoes up to 60% off! Can you believe that I have living in Toronto for almost 10 months and I have yet to visit the Fluevog store? Clearly this needed to be rectified and today was the day!

I got to the store about 30 minutes after they opened and it was packed (by which I mean that there were about 10 people in there; it's a small store). I did the rounds, grabbing any shoe on sale that caught my eye, including this one and this one and this one. After catching the eye of a harangued salesman, I tried them on and quickly discovered that the pointy toe style did not fit well (It hurt!). Then I tried this one on. It was love! I briefly strayed, trying on a Mary-Jane version, but I kept coming back to the cherry shoes. After prancing around the store in them for a while I declared them the winner and pulled out my credit card.

The picture on the Fluevog website is so dark and doesn't truly show off their beauty so I had to create a photo montage for you.

The funky Fluevog bag; even Pete was impressed by it.

The shoes all nestled together in their box.

Look at how sweetly they pose in front of the bag.

And how perfectly they complement my Koigu Anatasias, or how the socks complement the shoes!
Look at that widdle heel! (Why yes, I do like my shoes. Why do you ask?)

And for the true Fluevogian, a picture of the sole.


Azura said...

D'oh! I missed a shoe sale :(

I like the Drew ones the best! I wish I could have come to the sale with you! Stupid family committment ;)

Your shoes are gorgeous! They suit you very well :D

Anonymous said...

I *love* your shoes! I absolutely adore red shoes. They just make me happy! Congratulations!

Heather G. said...


I am going tomorrow if I can... cross your fingers that there are any shoes left!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Wow, great shoes

Anonymous said...

Those are cute!

Bertha said...

Oh man, I love them!!

Team Knit ! said...

awesome new shoes!! a great purchase indeed.

- Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi again

Elizabeth said...

Those are soooo cute! And you wear them well. :)

steph said...

I got the bibs you made for me yesterday! They are super-cute, I love the fabrics you picked out!


Mary deB said...

Hey, any news?