Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My New Home

Welcome to my new blog! For the past two years I have enjoyed sharing a joint blog with my friend Heather. We decided to try blogging on our own and here I am! I don't have all my pictures together but I was so excited to put up my first post that I couldn't wait.

Like many of my fellow knitters, Christmas is a time of much fun and much stress. This year I decided to reduce my stress by only knitting for a handful of people. There is one person in my life who always gets a handknit present at Christmas, my beloved Granny. For as long as I've been knitting (since May 2005) she has been receiving handknit socks. I don't know which one of us gets more pleasure out of them, her for getting to wear them or me for knowing how much she loves and wears them.

Look how happy she is!

Pattern: my own stockinette sock recipe, carefully designed for her specs (I've got it down to a science by now)

Yarn: Handmaiden Casbah (mmmm... cashmere) in Paris with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids (from Bertha!) in Amethyst for the contrasting heel and toe

Last year I knit my Uncle Peter a turtle (Sheldon from Knitty). It went over so well that I knew I had to make him something good this year as well. I was inspired by SpillyJane's Swedish Fish Mittens as my uncle is an avid fisherman. Mittens weren't right for him so I decided to modify the pattern (with Jane's permission). Uncle Peter always carries a water bottle around with him and lately I've been on a knitted-water-bottle-cozy kick lately (more on that some other time), so I altered the pattern to make a cozy for him.

He seems to like it (though he was mighty confused when he opened the present. I guess next year I should make him something more identifiable).

Pattern: my own water bottle cozy formula using SpillyJane's fishy chart

Yarn: Elann's Superwash Worsted in Celestial Teal and White (which I dyed orange)

That's all for now but there is definitely more to come.


Anonymous said...

Your granny is so cute! She's super lucky to have someone knit socks for her!
Congratulations on the new digs! I look forward to reading more!

steph said...

I love your new title! The fish on the cozy is cute for the fisherman.

spillyjane said...

Cute header and user pic lady! Looking forward to your new bloggy home. :)