Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stash Enhancement Thursday

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to spend the day with two of my favourite women, my mom and my aunt Judith. 
Aren't they beautiful :)
Judith lives in Seattle so I only get to see her once a year for Granny's birthday party in May. This year she and mom made the trek into Toronto to spend the day shopping with me. The goal was to find mom a Mother of the Bride dress and I'm happy to announce that we were successful at the first store we went into! It was a miracle! Mom looks so gorgeous in it and she's requested a shawl to wear to the wedding.  I'm going to look for Sea Silk in the appropriate colour when I'm in Halifax next week. Mom in a Sea Silk shawl at my wedding? *swoon*

In addition to dress shopping, I wanted to show Judith some of the hot spots in Toronto so I took her to Crispy Roll for lunch. Heather and Gen, she's from Seattle and is used to good sushi, and she loved Crispy Roll! I just wish I had a picture of the beautiful sushi.

Judith is a knitter so after lunch we headed off to Romni. We had a lot of fun oogling the lovely yarns and Judith left with some stunning Manos Silk Blend to make a few Bainbridges. I don't have pictures of that but I do have pictures of the yummy Noro sock yarn that she bought me!!

 I love how different the inside is from the outside.

Look at it shine!
Don't I have the best aunt? :)

Now I'm off to teach my five-year-old cousin how to knit. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the lessons! I *love* the first colorway. What is it?! I think I might have to get some the next time I am anywhere near Noro sock yarn.

Heather G. said...

I think those are the exact two colourways that I have!!

I am glad that Crispy Roll stood up to the discerning tastes of a West Coaster! It is good to be vindicated!!