Sunday, March 8, 2009

Queen of Beads - Done

About a month ago I blogged about my wonderful package from the Rockin' Socks Club. With the arrival of this package, I become a completely monogamous knitter. I only wanted to work on these gorgeous socks. I finished them a few weeks ago but it took a while to get good pictures. 

This colour is so hard to capture. It's a little too greeny here.

I think the next ones are the best for showing off the pattern and the beads.

Pattern: Queen of Beads by Sivia Harding
Yarn: STR Lightweight in My Blue Heaven
(N.B. both yarn and pattern are part of the sock club and won't be available to the general public until next year)
Needles: 2.5mm Addis

Mods: I did these toe up using Judy's Magic Cast On and Wendy Knit's Gusset Heel (pdf). Thanks to these modifications, the socks fit like a dream!

Thoughts: These socks were an enjoyable knit from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone who is thinking about knitting with beads. The most annoying part is getting the beads on the yarn but once they are on, you are good to go! The pattern is made up of two sections, the twisty part that looks like cables (but isn't!) and the beaded section. This makes the knitting even more fun because you're always just a few rows away from doing something different. I can definitely see myself making these again.

Now I just need to keep myself busy for the next few weeks until the second package arrives!


Bertha said...

Whoa, they came out so gorgeous! I'd ever have thought of beaded socks, but I love them!

Anonymous said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Great job! I am so jealous of your prize!

steph said...

Socks are very pretty! Do the beads pull when you wear them with shoes?

Heather G. said...

Well done!