Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sewing Part 1

When we moved into the new apartment last October, the futon was placed in the living room. In the past it had lived in Pete's studio and was mainly used by Cleo and I to keep Pete company when he was composing. With it now repurposed for use by our frequent visitors, I determined that it needed big fluffy pillows. We found the perfect pillows at Ikea but they didn't come with pillowcases. I finally got around to buying fabric in January and today I made the pillowcases. It was a bit of an adventure because I'd accidentally bought too little fabric. Luckily pillows are squishy and it all worked out perfectly.

Here they are posed on our futon.

Here's a picture with the flash so you can get a better sense of the pattern. I hate the flash but I do find that it does a better job capturing detail. I probably could get the same effect without flash if I had better camera skills. Something to work on.

I took a number of pictures today so be prepared to see more blog posts over the next week. I find it works best if I prepare the pictures on the weekend so I just need to write the words during the week :)


Anonymous said...

Those look comfy! I like the color you chose!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! They look really squashy. I've got to dust off my sewing machine too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Azura said...

Oooo.... swirly!
Very nice :D

HoltGallery said...

Cool stuffs you made... I enjoy knitting once in a while. I have a long term knitting project that I started two years ago. Need to finish this. It is a large throw, mainly Colinette yarns.