Friday, March 6, 2009

The Return of Random Fridays

I've decided to do a double posting today, just because :)

(Scroll down to see cute baby bibs)

As anyone who has spent any time around cats will know, they have a mind of their own and what they like to do one day isn't what they like the next. When we moved we downsized a lot of furniture that had mostly been serving as cat beds. Poor Cleo was forced to find new places to sleep. This means that she spends most of the night on our bed which I enjoy (but Pete doesn't since she seems to prefer to take over his leg room even though I will willingly give her mine). She also loves to sleep on the futon. Lately she's started climbing onto the top of the futon and hanging out there. While funny to watch, it has been taking its toll on our poor futon.

Notice the cat-sized dent

Clearly something needed to be done to save the futon. We needed to create another place that was warm and comfy near the window that would be appealing to Cleo. We came up with a design for a shelf to rest on top of the radiator (between the futon and the window) and my dad was kind enough to build it and bring it to us.

Mission accomplished! The futon has been saved and the cat is happy. Thanks so much, Dad!

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